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Etan Premium Gold trampoline with net deluxe 244 cm / 08ft grey


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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A luxurious trampoline in a chic colour! With an Etan Premium trampoline you choose for quality, from the frame to the jumping mat, from the protective edge to the safety net, everything is right with this line of trampolines to every small detail.

The production of these trampolines is done in our own factory in Europe, so we can focus on quality and we consciously choose for durable materials. And that makes this trampoline a masterpiece that can last for decades.

This trampoline comes with a protective rim of Gold quality. This protective edge has an extra inner sleeve that rests on the jumping mat and ensures that hands and feet cannot reach the springs. The protective edge provides good fall absorption and guarantees the safety of your children.

Besides extremely safe, this trampoline also offers sublime jumping comfort, this is due to the unique Diamond System that is used. Here, the jumping mat contains alternating triangles with a hole and triangles with a trench opening. In short, looking for a safe, fine trampoline that will last for years, you choose the quality of an Etan Premium trampoline.

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