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Etan Premium Gold 12ft In-ground Trampoline with enclosure – grey


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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Etan Premium 12ft In-ground Trampoline with enclosure – grey. Of course you want to make your children happy, and one thing that is certain is that they will have a lot of fun with a trampoline. But as a parent you often have more, and different requirements for a trampoline than your children.

Of course, a trampoline must jump smoothly, and this Etan Premium trampoline certainly does. But are you asking if it is safe enough? And how long does it last? With the development of the Etan Premium line we have thought of every little detail. Sustainable, high-quality materials are used during production. That is why we offer a 15 years warranty on our trampolines when registering.

And when you are looking for a safe trampoline, the safest choice is this inground trampoline with a safety net that makes it impossible to end up next to the trampoline whilst jumping. A dug in trampoline without a net sometimes can result in children ‘leaving’ the trampoline with a jump, (accidentally or otherwise)which can cause injury and eventually cause joint problems. With this trampoline you prevent that completely! A very sensible choice.

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