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Etan Premium Gold 12ft In-ground Trampoline – green


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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Etan Premium Gold 12ft In-ground Trampoline – green. Do you have children who like to play outdoors or children who prefer to sit behind a tablet or monitor? Children for whom things can not be adventurous enough, or children who are more comfortable staying in the background? Children come in all shapes and sizes, and still we have not yet come across one who does not like jumping on a trampoline. Whether it’s the feeling of freely floating in the air, the combination of sport and play or just the fun that childish experience … trampolining offers something for every child.

This in ground variant also has some unique features that ensures that jumping goes very smoothly. The combination of long 8,7 inch conical springs and the jumping mat with Diamond System for example. The Diamond System combines triangles with a short opening and a slit opening on the jumping mat so that with little force the springs are already activated making it easier to start jumping. Your children will have the time of their lives with this inground trampoline in your garden!

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