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Etan Premium Gold 11ft In-ground Trampoline – grey


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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Etan Premium Gold 11ft In-ground Trampoline – grey. An inground trampoline is ideal because it limits the height of a possible fall and ensures that nothing or no one can get under the trampoline. The Etan Premium is a range of trampolines produced in Europe, in our own factory. We choose to use high-quality sustainable materials. Our 30 years of experience in the trampoline world all comes together in this range.

The Etan Premium is unique in jumping comfort, safety and durability. The jumping comfort is increased by the Diamond System, whereby alternately a triangle with a hole and a triangle with a slotted hole are attached to the jumping mat. As a result, not all springs are activated simultaneously during jumping. For small children this means that they can jump smoothly with less effort. In combination with the high quality conical springs, the jumping power is maintained.

The springs are also unique in the market, they are made of special spring steel where zinc is processed in the steel. The safety pad does not only stand out on the quality of the PVC and foam used, but especially the envelope system, so the safety pad is completely evenly filled with foam. This way the entire safety pad offers protection in the event of a fall. This inground trampoline combi is available in green and anthracite grey.

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