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Etan Premium Gold 10ft In-ground Trampoline with enclosure – grey


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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Etan Premium Gold 10 ft In-ground Trampoline with enclosure – grey. Looking for a nice trampoline that jumps well, is safe and also lasts a long time? Then the Etan Premium is the best choice. This round 10 ft inground version is specially developed for digging into the ground. Because it is extremely important for the jumping comfort that the air under the trampoline can easily circulate when jumping this is already taken into account in the design. That is why the trampoline stays 6,9 inches above the ground, and the safety pad has mesh on the sides so that air can easily move around. Your trampoline rising a few inches above the ground also ensures that children can not accidentally cycle on the trampoline.

In addition, the Diamond System ensures a unique jumping experience. Alternately a triangle with a hole and a triangle with a slotted hole are attached to the jumping mat. As a result, not all springs are activated simultaneously during jumping. For small children this means that they can jump smoothly with less effort. In combination with the high quality conical springs, with zinc processed in the steel, the jumping power is maintained.

Are you looking for a real quality trampoline that both make you and your children very happy? Then this is the best choice!

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