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Etan Premium Gold 1075 In-ground Trampoline rectangular 310 x 232 cm – green


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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This Etan Premium Gold 1075 In-ground Trampoline 310 x 232 cm – green is one of the favourites in the range. Because the trampoline is rectangular, it visually takes up less space than a round trampoline. The safety pad is made of German PVC and is 1,2 inches thick with an innersleeve, making it extra safe.

The trampoline will be in total about 7.9 inches above the ground, so the smallest children can not easily crawl on it and older children can not cycle directly on it. Another big advantage of this inground trampoline is that the air can easily circulate under the trampoline. That, in combination with flexible Dutch manufactured springs make this trampoline a very popular model.

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