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Etan Premium Gold 0965 rectangular In-ground Trampoline with enclosure deluxe – grey


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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Etan Premium Gold 0965 In-ground Trampoline with enclosure deluxe – grey. With an Etan Premium in ground trampoline you bring quality, safety and a lot of fun into your garden! The Etan Premium range is produced in our own factory in Europe, using only high quality durable materials. For that reason, we can also give extensive warranties on this trampoline.

The safety pad is of Gold quality. This protective pad contains an innersleeve that rests on the jumping mat. This offers extra protection for hands and feet so that they can not reach the springs. In addition, we have choosen high quality PVC and foam and we can therefore give a 5-year warranty on this safety pad. Your children will especially love the jumping comfort. The trampoline has a unique Diamond System jumping mat, whereby alternately a triangle with a hole and a triangle with a slotted hole are attached to the jumping mat. Even if you jump with little force, part of the springs will be activated. For small children this means that they can jump smoothly with less effort. In combination with the high quality conical springs, where zinc is incorporated in the steel of the springs, it makes it easier for children to make high jumps.

Fortunately, the combination of digging your trampoline into the ground, limiting the drop height, and the safety net make this trampoline extremely safe. So do not worry about all those high jumps! You are assured of a safe playground for the children for years to come. This trampoline is available in green and in anthracite grey.

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