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Etan Premium Gold 08ft In-ground Trampoline with enclosure – grey


There is an extra charge for delivery from Holland to Ireland, please phone in store for details.

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Etan Premium Gold In-ground Trampoline with enclosure – grey. Enjoy the outdoors with this inground trampoline in your garden. Quality and safety have been prioritised in every detail with this trampoline. The advantage of an inground trampoline is that it limits the drop height and it also looks attractive in the garden. Because these trampolines are specially designed for mounting in the ground, you only have to dig a spherical pit.

The trampoline will be 7,9 inches above the ground, this is necessary so that the air under the trampoline can easily circulate when jumping. In combination with the safety net, children can enjoy themselves on this trampoline without you having to worry about them. Besides being extremely safe, the Etan Premium line is also a high flyer in jumping comfort, this is due to the unique Diamond System used. This system operates by the jumping mat having alternate triangles with a hole, and triangles with a slotted hole attached to it. As a result, not all springs are activated simultaneously during jumping. For small children this means that they can jump smoothly with less weight.

In combination with the high quality conical springs, where zinc is incorporated in the steel, the jumping power is maintained. This allows everyone to easily jump to great heights on an Etan Premium trampoline. This combi trampoline comes complete with safety net and is available in green and anthracite grey.

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