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EXIT AquaFlow water track super-set


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EXIT AquaFlow water track super set

The EXIT AquaFlow water track super set is a unique water play set for children and it guarantees endless fun. The EXIT water play set consists of various bins with 3 locks; it enables several children can play at the same time. The interior side of the gutters and bins is made of plastic, which is water-tight and easy to clean.

The water flows downwards through the locks like a real river and you decide how much water will flow through the water track. At the end of the track, the water is collected in a bin and you can then pump it manually up to the top.

The AquaFlow bins can be positioned at various angles, straight, zigzag or in a bend; everything is possible!

Durable wooden water tracks

The AquaFlows of EXIT Toys are made of FSC® certified cedar wood (FSC 100%, FSC® SCS-COC-007799). This type of wood does not splinter and is naturally resistant to weather influences such as rain and therefore resistant to wood rot. You do not need to treat EXIT wooden water tracks before use, children can play safely with it right from the start.


Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Water reservoir 44 44 12.5
Water bin 1 120 28 12.5
Water bin 2 116 28 12.5
Receptacle 48 48 14

Standard included

  • AquaFlow water track super-set
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