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EXIT Foxy Expedition go-kart – darkgreen


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EXIT Foxy Expedition go-kart – dark green

The EXIT Foxy Expedition is a cool dark green go-kart for children between the ages of 2 and 5. The go-kart is easy to steer, even for the youngest kids. It is lightweight and thanks to its adjustable seat, the go-kart can grow along with the kids over several years. Go off-road, put on your safari outfit and tear over the roughest terrains with the Foxy Expedition!

Super-fast and manoeuvrable

With the EXIT Foxy Expedition go-kart you easily take those sharp bends and race super fast. The go-kart has a back-pedal brake and can drive both forwards and backwards. The sturdy and flexible axle ensures that both front wheels remain safely on the ground, also on uneven surfaces. Also the Foxy Expedition go-kart is furnished with sturdy off-road tyres and a cool bull bar.

Solid, cool and adventurous!

The sturdy dark green frame, the sporty rims and the spoiler give the go-kart an adventurous look. The go-kart is prepared for attaching a trailer and the sound box with racing sounds utterly completes the go-kart. Go off-road and have the greatest adventures with your friends. The EXIT Foxy Expedition go-kart of EXIT Toys has it all:

  • Impact-proof and powder-coated dark green frame
  • Adjustable seat in 3 positions
  • Sound box with racing sounds included
  • Solid off-road tyres and a bull bar
  • Sturdy, flexible axle
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