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The Buzzy can now also be used as a push-car, so your child can get out and about safely. You can use the push bar to maintain control of the go-kart and child. The Buzzy’s stability keeps it upright at all times, even if the child fidgets, goes over bumps or uneven surfaces. It stands apart from many 2in1 tricycles which are less stable on account of the 3 wheels. Does your child get tired and want to be pushed, or does he just want to play? In the blink of an eye, you can convert the Buzzy from push-car to go-kart or vice versa.

• Your child can go with you more easily and safely with the adjustable push bar.
• Super stable thanks to the 4 wheels.
• Fast and easy to convert from go-kart to push car and vice versa.
• Equipped with steering lock to prevent your child from steering while being pushed along.
• Equipped with a freewheel to prevent the pedals from turning while your child is being pushed along.
• Equipped with handbrake.
• Your child maintains control of the pedals when steering because the handlebars and the pedals can be operated independently .
• Setting off on the Buzzy is quick and easy, because the handlebars are not pushed away from the child’s hands when pedalling.
• Equipped with whisper tyres that can never go flat.
• Suitable for children aged 2 to 5.

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