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ERGOFIX BHG-71 Grips – Trekking

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The ErgoFix is an evolution of our existing line of FixSet and InterGrip ergonomic grips. We received feedback asking for a smaller grip which still provided support, but not as distinct as the existing grips. So we trimmed down the supportive ‘wing’ and brought some more profile into the grips. The profile on the inside of your hand, where the area between thumb and index finger sit, was tapered down, so the grips would fit smaller hands without compromising the fit for larger hands. The core of the grip is Kraton for structural integrity with gel inserts for extra comfort and grippiness. On the outside of the grip we have placed a bumper for added control. Grip-wise we included aluminum lock-on rings for easy assembly and a no-slip mounting. Endcaps are included in the design of the grips to minimise the amount of separate parts. Available in black/black, black/white, black/blue and black/red. Griplength is 133 millimeters.


  • Ergonomically designed Kraton grips with gel palm support.
  • Very comfortable due to the anatomic shape and hand support.
  • Lock-on grips with aluminum clamp.
  • Screw-on interface prevents slippage on the handlebar.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Length: 133 mm.
  • Colors: black/black, black/white, black/blue and black/red.
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